Poster Design Service


Strengthen your brand

Poster is a traditional advertising method; but it’s never out of date.

Poster can transmit company’s message with interesting image.

Poster is also a good way to increase brand recognition.

Let XPLOBOX Design Your Logo

WHY XploboX?

Discover 98%
Design 95%
Deliver 99%

Analyst carefully products/services as well as the value you wish to bring to customers

Transmitting messages expressed in the most innovative way

Show a picture that match with the style and spirit of company

Have you met our clients?

Thank you for creating my logo! I had my new labels done with my new logo and I must say, the labels look great all because of the logo. Again thank you! Not only does my label look great and professional, the customer service extended to me was phenomenal. You are indeed a top notch—beyond a FIVE star company.

Donna Butcher

PERFECT! You are the absolute best at taking care of your customers! The level of service you have provided me is simply outstanding. I wasn't left waiting for days and you actually got back to me faster than I could keep up with my emails, unlike other companies I have dealt with recently. I couldn't be happier with you or your company! I am telling all my clients to go to XploboX for all their logo design and marketing needs.

Clara Belton

Let’s Build a Brand Together


One single image is worth than thousand words that you want to say.

Let’s Build a Brand Together


A strong brand is more than just a logo; it’s reflected in everything from your customer service style, staff uniforms, business cards and premises to your marketing materials and advertising.


  • AU$ 200 /poster
  • 3-5 Expecting demo
  • Good Design Level
  • Format JPG, PNG, PSD, ESP
  • 3 Color Solutions
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  • AU$ 400 /poster
  • 5-10 Expecting demo
  • Expert Design Level
  • Format JPG, PNG, PSD, ESP
  • 5 Color Solutions
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  • AU$ 700 /poster
  • 10-15 Expecting demo
  • Outstanding Design Level
  • Format JPG, PNG, PSD, ESP
  • 10 Color Solutions
  • 2 Material Solutions
  • 2 Digital Solutions
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  • Bundles

  • AU$ 1500 /10 posters
  • 5 Expecting demo / design
  • Expert Design Level
  • Format JPG, PNG, PSD, ESP
  • 5 Color Solutions / design
  • 2 Material Solutions / design
  • 2 Digital Solutions / design
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