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The Mobile Strategy of Your Business

– Mobile Apps are now a part of everyday life, so much that the entire business world is now looking for ways to put your business products and services to the fingertips of your customers.
– Our team of app design -ers and develop -ers are filled with creative minds that will help you think through your business objectives and deliver astonishing solutions that will help you attain a high level of functionality for your clients.

App Design and Development

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 iOS vs Android

iPhone App

We have an extensive portfolio of clients that we have successfully created iPhone applications for in different categories such as entertainment, business and games. We have developers that are skilled in Cocoa Touch, Objective C, OpenGL ES, iPhone SDK and other suites that will ensure that we integrate all the necessary solutions to your mobile app to ensure that they are fast, responsive and functional for your clients.

Android App

Android apps are either native or web-based. We will help you decide which option is best for your business and create fast and responsive apps that will connect to your cloud servers and serve your customers the best you intended either directly on-device or via cloud services. We work with business to provide the best m-Commerce, productivity or media applications depending on what you want us to do.

Let XPLOBOX Design Your App

App Design and Development

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Discover 98%
Design 95%
Deliver 99%

Customized-Functional app from ground up that can work across a wide range of mobile devices.

Cost-effective and Flexible with solutions to fit your needs and budget.

Interface design (UI) and User experience (UX) make a a seamless experience in the customer usage.

Let’s Build an App Together


Apps are not just a fad, they are a simple and elegant way for you to solve complex business issues and bring your services and products closer to your clients. More than 100 clients have trusted us for their mobile and web app solutions which we have delivered excellently to great customer reviews.

Let’s Build an App Together


Our custom apps are made with you in mind, allowing you to choose an option that best works for what you have in mind. We offer completely personalized app design and development for you, with entirely fresh and professional content and copy.